United Kingdom

Members: 72
Votes cast:  135,657

United Kingdom joined the EU on 1 January 1973 without holding a referendum. After enlargement of the EU, the UK has 29 votes out of 345 in the Council and 72 seats out of 736 in the European Parliament.

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  Name National party Group
William (the earl of) dartmouth United Kingdom Independence Party EFD
John Stuart Agnew United Kingdom Independence Party EFD
Marta Andreasen United Kingdom Independence Party ECR
Richard Ashworth Conservative Party ECR
Sir Robert Atkins Conservative Party ECR
Gerard Batten United Kingdom Independence Party EFD
Catherine Bearder Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
Godfrey Bloom United Kingdom Independence Party EFD
Sharon Bowles Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
Philip Bradbourn Conservative Party ECR
Andrew Henry William Brons British National Party Non-Attached
John Bufton United Kingdom Independence Party EFD
Martin Callanan Conservative Party ECR
David Campbell bannerman Conservative Party ECR
Michael Cashman Labour Party S&D
Giles Chichester Conservative Party ECR
Derek Roland Clark United Kingdom Independence Party EFD
Trevor Colman United Kingdom Independence Party Non-Attached
Chris Davies Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
Bairbre De brún Sinn Féin GUE/NGL
Nirj Deva Conservative Party ECR
Diane Dodds Democratic Unionist Party (Northern Ireland) Non-Attached
Andrew Duff Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
James Elles Conservative Party ECR
Jill Evans Plaid Cymru - Party of Wales Verts/ALE
Nigel Farage United Kingdom Independence Party EFD
Vicky Ford Conservative Party ECR
Jacqueline Foster Conservative Party ECR
Ashley Fox Conservative Party ECR
Julie Girling Conservative Party ECR
Nick Griffin British National Party Non-Attached
Fiona Hall Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
Daniel Hannan Conservative Party ECR
Malcolm Harbour Conservative Party ECR
Roger Helmer Conservative Party EFD
Mary Honeyball Labour Party S&D
Richard Howitt Labour Party S&D
Ian Hudghton Scottish National Party Verts/ALE
Stephen Hughes Labour Party S&D
Syed Kamall Conservative Party ECR
Sajjad Karim Conservative Party ECR
Timothy Kirkhope Conservative Party ECR
Jean Lambert Green Party Verts/ALE
Baroness Sarah Ludford Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
Elizabeth Lynne Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
George Lyon Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
David Martin Labour Party S&D
Linda Mcavan Labour Party S&D
Arlene Mccarthy Labour Party S&D
Emma Mcclarkin Conservative Party ECR
Edward Mcmillan-scott Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
Claude Moraes Labour Party S&D
Mike Nattrass United Kingdom Independence Party Non-Attached
Bill Newton dunn Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
James Nicholson Ulster Conservatives and Unionists-New Force ECR
Paul Nuttall United Kingdom Independence Party EFD
Brian Simpson Labour Party S&D
Nicole Sinclaire United Kingdom Independent Non-Attached
Peter Skinner Labour Party S&D
Alyn Smith Scottish National Party Verts/ALE
Struan Stevenson Conservative Party ECR
Catherine Stihler Labour Party S&D
Robert Sturdy Conservative Party ECR
Kay Swinburne Conservative Party ECR
Charles Tannock Conservative Party ECR
Keith Taylor Green Party Verts/ALE
Geoffrey Van orden Conservative Party ECR
Derek Vaughan Labour Party S&D
Diana Wallis Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
Sir Graham Watson Liberal Democrats Party ALDE
Glenis Willmott Labour Party S&D
Marina Yannakoudakis Conservative Party ECR
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